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Recent Lake-Related News

  • HALLOWEEN PARTY, Saturday October 24th. We need volunteers, at least 6th grade age, to help with games and crafts for the kids. Please contact Kathy Little @ 860-487-3792 ( Click for more info.

  • The purple loosestrife around Lake Chaffee has tripled in size in recent years. It is a beautiful purple flower that is incredibly invasive and is rapidly becoming a problem for Lake Chaffee. The LCIA Board of Directors asks that all residents be diligent in eradicating this plant from their property whenever possible. For more information, click here

  • Betty Dunn of 23 Shorefront Drive passed away on July 29th. Betty Served on the Lake Chaffee board of directors for several years. For additional information, click here

Recurring News of Interest

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Fishing Lake Chaffee

Before moving away, Mike Bellivue (formerly 29 Circle Drive) wrote, "Lake Chaffee is an excellent fishery, with a healthy population of Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Chain Pickerel and Yellow Perch. The Largemouth bass average . . ." [read more]

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Random Lake Chaffee Fact:

The excess water passes over a 10'wide concrete spillway into Chaffee Brook and thence to the Mt. Hope River.

Gridded aerial view of Lake Chaffee, each square is approximately 200'x 200' (one acre)

Ordinance Tickler

(selected at random). Click here for a complete set of LCIA Ordinances
Lake Chaffee Constable 860.487.3590
Game Warden (EnCon Police) 800.842.4357
State Police 860.896.3222